• cup filling and sealing machine

      cup sealing machine

    1.Varous function full automatic machine can spare much space.               

    2. Cup-drop-No bottle detect-Filling-Electric eye correct film position-Printing-Sealing&cup cutting-Product send out in line in one operation.                            

    3.Traditional operation screen,easy understanding.                   

    4. Sealing film with independent temperature control system.                                                   

    5.Electric eye track automaticly and correct the sealing positon,get to precision.

    6. Whole machine use stainless steel and aluminium material, stable and rustless forever.

    7. Filling with high precision,hopper cotrolled by line and feeder material automatically. CIP wash hopper and tube automatically. All the filling tubes confirm to the health standard of food.

    8.No cups, stop working automatically,with cups,running automatically.                  

    9.Finished products output in line.            


     cup filling and sealing machine Specification:   

    cup filler and sealer

    cup filling and sealing machine Optional features

      Cup-fall automatically: acoording to the type of cup, applying specialized machine stripping cup. 

    CIP Food class health standard filling device and CIP clean unit. 

    Prnting unit: heating carbon ribbon words printer.

     Finished products conveyor belt.


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